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Phishing Attacks and Domains

The Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) have published their report covering the first half of 2008. The report is quite detailed, but some of the major points may be garnered from the first page introduction: Our major findings are: 1. Phishers continue to target specific Top-Level Domains (TLDs) and specific domain name registrars, and shift their […]

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domain renewal scam letter

Yet Another Domain Renewal Scam

Domain Renewal Group seem to be using the same modus operandi as Domain Registry of America (DROA) – they may even be the same company for all I know! In any case here’s a sample letter (click to enlarge): Notice the pricing on a .org domain – €28 per annum!!!! We charge less than €6 […]

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Single Character dotMobi Domains Coming Soon

Short domains are better, but even more so when you’re trying to tap in the address with one hand on your mobile device. Caroline has posted on the DotMobi blog that they’ll be making available single character dotMobi domains very soon (ie. a.mobi, 1.mobi etc.,) in a similar fashion to their city domains applications process […]

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icann cairo logo

Countdown to ICANN Cairo

The next public ICANN meeting kicks off in Cairo on November 2nd. So what’s on the agenda this time round? You can expect all the old classics to be on the agenda at some point, but the “star” this time round is going to be the much vaunted “new gTLDs”. In case you missed out […]

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IDNs Coming To A Domain Near You?

There are several “hot” topics in the domain world at the moment. The introduction of new gTLDs, which I have touched on, is one, while the introduction of IDN (internationalised domain names) is another. For most of this site’s readers IDN isn’t that important. Most of our clients, with some exceptions, are English speakers. Of […]

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More Flash Tutorials Added – Application Vault – DNS

We’ve added a couple of more Flash tutorials to the support section of our site. The new tutorials cover using the control panel to manage DNS, change nameservers and use the autoinstaller (Application Vault) to setup applications like WordPress or Movable Type. You can now easily manage your domain’s DNS settings including setting up both […]

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