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I am a self-confessed domain addict. I don’t hide it.
I personally own a very eclectic mix of domains including a .kz (Kazakhstan), but I know that that kind of madness isn’t for everyone!
While catching up on RSS feeds this morning I came across a short piece about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. While most of the press are focussing on their newborns the writer in question had spotted that Ms Jolie, or someone acting for her, had registered a bunch of domains related to the twins.
That’s good going!
It’s never too early to register a domain name. Registering your child’s name, for example, means that they’ll have their own little slice of cyberspace when they’re ready for it.
In the case of the Jolie – Pitt babies it’s a little different, as they were bound to attract plenty of online interest for the next few years, so registering the domains now will save them a lot of headaches (and money) further down the line.
So when should you register a domain?
When you want to. When you can. When you feel that you should.
Worst case scenario, your idea doesn’t blossom and grow and you let the domain expire.

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