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Desktop Wallpaper – 2010 Version

About 4 years ago Alan from SpoiltChild did up some desktop wallpaper for us. I hadn’t realised that it was that long ago! In any case James did some desktop wallpaper for us a couple of weeks ago, but I didn’t mention it here (I posted it to Facebook and Twitter instead!) Since 2006 people’s […]

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Accredited Registrar for .me

Get Personal With dotMe

These days it’s all about the “personal brand”, so why not get started on yours now? If you want to get a personal “slice” of the internet “pie”, then .me domains are perfect! Why worry yourself with paperwork and headaches – you can get a .me domain name within minutes! No bureaucracy – no messing […]

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grey iPhone wallpaper

iPhone Wallpapers

Several of us have iPhones in the office, so one of the guys was asking this morning if we could get an iPhone wallpaper.. So now we have these: We’re still playing around with the positioning etc.,, so if you’re an iPhone user please download them and let us know what you think. Grey version […]

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Blacknight Twitter Mug

How To Get A Blacknight Mug

We’ve spoken about the Blacknight mugs a few times in the past and we’ve had a lot of people asking us about getting their hands on one. So how can we make everyone happy? We can’t. But what we have come up with is a silly idea to give away one of the mugs and […]

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St Patrick

St Patrick’s Day Domain Special Blowout

Blacknight is a 100% Irish owned and run company. It’s something we’re very proud of. We’re also the only Irish ICANN accredited registrar, we’re the biggest Eurid registrar, the biggest Nominet registrar etc.,, (You get the point?) For 51 weeks of the year we don’t “push” our Irishness, or at least not overtly .. However, […]

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ICANN Brussels logo

ICANN Board To Decide Fate of .XXX Tomorrow

As the ICANN meeting in Nairobi draws to a close several big questions still hang in the air. While many ICANN insiders may be wondering about new TLDs the world’s media is firmly focussed on one topic an one topic only – .xxx. Tomorrow morning the ICANN board will officially decide what will happen with […]

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