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An illustration of an example IPv6 address

IPv6 Adoption?

Image via Wikipedia Leo Vegoda posted an interesting article today on CircleID about ipv6 deployment and adoption. While Leo admits that measuring ipv6 isn’t an exact science he was able to identify that the African region (AfriNIC) is announcing more ipv6 space than any of the other regions, including Europe. So what about Ireland? Sixxs […]

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How To Ask For Help

Whether you are dealing with technical support, customer service or a casual acquaintance, there are some ways to ask for help that are more effective than others. Technical support and customer service people are paid to assist you. However they can only work with the information that they are given. Unless you believe that everyone […]

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coffee (capuccino) and croissant

How Much Is Your Hosting Worth To You?

As you know, if you’ve been reading our ramblings for a while, we really like our coffee. There’s nothing quite nicer in the morning than a nice fresh coffee and croissant to start your day. While you might be able to make your own coffee, gettting a drinkable capuccino requires skills and equipment that you […]

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Firefox 3 Hates Self Signed SSL Certs

For some reason the Firefox developers seem to have taken protecting end users to a rather inane level, as the errors displayed for self signed certificates are extremely confusing. See below for an example: Just because a cert is self-signed does not make it insecure! Of course if the site you are connecting to is […]

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The inside/front of a Dell PowerEdge web server

Moving Hosting Without Headaches?

Image via Wikipedia A lot of the questions we get asked on a regular basis are about moving your hosting without downtime and without too many headaches. If you leave switching provider until the last minute it will be painful, so please don’t! We’d recommend people to look into changing their hosting provider BEFORE their […]

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Irish Web Awards Nominations Published

Damien has published the list of sites nominated for the 1st Irish Web Awards. There are some really cool and interesting sites on the list and some of the categories are going to be incredibly competitive. Here at Blacknight we have two sites in the running – our main site and Irish ISP Test. So […]

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