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Leo Vegoda posted an interesting article today on CircleID about ipv6 deployment and adoption.

While Leo admits that measuring ipv6 isn’t an exact science he was able to identify that the African region (AfriNIC) is announcing more ipv6 space than any of the other regions, including Europe.

So what about Ireland?

Sixxs maintain statistics of networks announcing IPv6 addresses globally on a per country basis.

The table for Ireland is quite interesting.

Of the 24 Irish networks with an IPv6 allocation, only 13 are active and of those only 10 are being announced globally (if my interpretation of the table is correct).

The Irish government has an allocation, but doesn’t seem to have announced it ever!

Of course HEAnet is making use of theirs, but they’re not a commercial ISP.

The problem for widespread adoption of IPv6 is going to lie in encouraging commercial ISPs to make IPv6 available.

When this is likely to happen, however, is anyone’s guess.

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