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Hand holds a cube with the letter S with the word http. Changing the protocol for security and transfer of hypervistext, increasing the security of websites. Certification of security on the Internet

Don’t Scare Away Your Customers

With the release of Chrome 68 (July 24th 2018) if your website doesn’t have an SSL secure certificate visitors to it are going to get a fairly scary message. Why? Google has been pushing for HTTPS everywhere for some time. Over the last year the Chrome browser, which has around 60% of the global browser […]

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Heartbleed Bug

Heartbleed Security Bug Update

We posted on Tuesday about the Heartbleed security bug which was discovered in OpenSSL Once we became aware of the issue we immediately began checking for affected servers and patching them as required, our “shared hosting” server nodes were not affected as they were not using  the version of the software which contained the bug. […]

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Firefox 3 Hates Self Signed SSL Certs

For some reason the Firefox developers seem to have taken protecting end users to a rather inane level, as the errors displayed for self signed certificates are extremely confusing. See below for an example: Just because a cert is self-signed does not make it insecure! Of course if the site you are connecting to is […]

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