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It’s easy to get online these days. It’s super easy to setup a website and start selling and it’s even easier to setup a social media presence. What’s hard is building trust and reliability. That takes time and energy.

We’re constantly working on new things, but a lot of that goes on “behind the scenes” where people cannot see them. Sure they might benefit from the changes, but it’s hard to see them unless you know what to look for. We can, of course, tell you that we’ve made

However “trust signals” are something that people do see. They’re right there in front of you a lot of the time, even if they’re often quite subtle.

The shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot.

In our case there were a few things that we should have done ages ago, but simply hadn’t.

As of earlier today our official Twitter account is “verified”. That means that you can see a nice blue checkmark on our profile and on every tweet we send.

We recently enabled the customer support options on our Twitter account, so anyone can send us direct messages if they want to.

SSL has always been a good way to add “trust” to a web site, but with the recent changes that Google and others have been making it’s becoming more and more important. While we’d been focussed on serving the need of our clients we’d overlooked our own blog! So now you’ll see a nice green bar in your browser when you visit our blog:

I wanted to get the nice green bar with the company name, so we opted for the EV SSL cert. EV means “extended validation” so it’s a little bit more manual to get, but the certifying authority checks and validates that you are who you say you are.

If you’re trading online it’s important to get as many of these kind of trust indicators as you can.

Some of them are relatively easy, while others will require more work and time, but if we can provide you with guidance on these kind of things do let us know.

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