Our new radio advertising campaign gets underway this morning on the Ryan Tubridy Show on RTE Radio One.

The message: you can have a website for much less than you might think! Listen.

I know what you’re thinking: websites are expensive, right?
With Blacknight siteBuilder you can build your site – and get a dot-IE domain name – for just 39.99 plus VAT for the first year
SiteBuilder is easy to use and help is just a phone call away, from Blacknight in Carlow
Blacknight – THE dot-IE experts, for businesses large and small

Recently we demonstrated how to use the new Blacknight siteBuilder to build a website in less than 20 minutes.

Then we cut the price of siteBuilder in half. Now it’s only €39.99* for the first year, and it comes with a free SSL certificate, and a free .IE domain name**.

A €40 website – surely that’s too good to be true?

Well, if you need dedicated hardware clusters with high-uptime and 24/7 service agreements, we do all that too, at an appropriate price.

And if you want custom design and a tailored user-experience, there are talented developers who will help turn your vision into reality. Again, for a price.

But many of the clients we talk to every day just want to get started. They’re starting out in business, or just starting out online. They don’t know how much they want to invest and they don’t know what to expect in return.

They do know it’s important to be online, and they know that a proper domain name inspires trust and professional credibility.

In our experience, newbie website owners soon get a feel for it, and go from dipping their toes to swimming in the deep end.

But the secret is to take it at your own pace, and for many people a €39.99* DIY website is just right for that initial plunge.

Want to find out more? Read about siteBuilder here – or watch us make a website in 20 minutes (17 actually!) Got questions? Give us a call.

* Price excludes VAT.

** Alternatively choose a free .COM or .EU domain name.

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