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We always like to offer people incentives to move their hosting and / or domains to us.

From now until the end of the month we’re offering yet another super-duper incentive – ALL .com transfers are a mere EUR4.95 (ex-vat)!

If you want that in dollars or sterling (for those of you that way inclined… ):

  • $7.02 US
  • £3.92 Sterling

That means that our pricing on domain transfers is now lower than anyone else in the Irish market and compares very favourably against most of our European and US neighbours (there’s probably someone out there offering you cheaper pricing if you look – but at what price?)

Of course we’d really like it if you bought hosting as well (I’d be lying if I said otherwise!), so check out our pricing:

The Minimus comes with a massive 10 gigs of space and 100 gigs of bandwidth! (some of our competitors give less bandwidth with their overpriced dedicated servers!!!)

All this for a mere EUR49.95 per year.

And unlike some people we do offer excellent customer service – don’t believe me? Check out what our real customers have been saying.

So what are you waiting for?

How about 15% off your hosting bill as well? Simply enter the coupon code “movehost” when placing your order and save a further 15% off your hosting bill.

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