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IPv6 Getting More Press Coverage

It’s interesting to see that the media has been giving some more coverage to IPv6 over the last couple of days. I was interviewed by ENN yesterday afternoon for a piece they put out in the evening: EC urges speedy adoption of IPv6 Basically the EU is beginning to take an interest so there may, […]

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Shiny Objects Rock

Over the last year or so we’ve been doing a bit of advertising in DotNet Magazine in the UK (and US). Last week two of the Future Publishing advertising staff came round to visit our offices here in Carlow bearing gifts. They presented me with a very tasty LaCie Ora Ito designed Golden Disk with […]

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Paypal Issues

We’ve been encountering some issues with Paypal integration with, so we have temporarily disabled Paypal payments. This DOES NOT affect We hope to have this resolved later today, but it may take longer UPDATE: This issue has been resolved

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auction hammer

DotAsia Auctions Controversy

Every time a new TLD launches the registry operators have to come up with ways of distributing “premium” names. Premium names are the “super” domains that are usually dictionary words or close to them. These domains are easy to remember and easy to get to. The most heavily demanded ones are usually related to the […]

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iia congress sponsor

IIA Congress 2008

As we mentioned previously, we are one of the sponsors of the Irish Internet Association’s Congress, which takes place this year in Dublin’s Croke Park. Full details of the event may be found here If you would like to avail of a 20% discount on booking simply use the coupon code: Congress2008 As we’re sponsors […]

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