businessman with handcuffs
Every time I write one of these “heads up” posts I silently hope and pray that it will be the last. Of course it never is.
At present there are two scams doing the rounds.
Our “friends” in Domain Registry of America are still sending out letters to thousands of domain holders. As I’ve said before – dump the letters if you get them. You can read them if you want, but you’re better off simply ignoring them completely.
Another, more disturbing, scam is being sent around by EU Business Services Ltd promoting the “EU Company Directory”.
The devil is in the details, so if you look at the fine print you will find that signing off on a “simple” listing will set you back close to 1000 euro! I think I’ve personally received about 6 emails from these people about their “wonderful service” in the past few days. Do yourself a favour – bin it!
Basically they’re doing the same thing as Euro Business Guide. They’re probably the same people.

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