When: Monday 12th of November @ 22:00
What: Migration of CAR’s and Firewalls into a single vlan
We’re moving the Customer Access Routers and firewalls into a single
vlan so as traffic exchanged between the firewalled and unfirewalled
network segments doesn’t need to go into the distribution layer
of our network and hence is switched and not routed. This will
make these sections of our network more efficient and more reliable.
For people who care about network hops, it’ll take an extra hop out
of traceroutes between some our network segments.
Who will be affected:
Customers on our unfirewalled network (who have their own routers or
firewalls) will notice a momentary blip while OSPF reconverges. IPv6
for the same customers will see a slight blip of around 2-3 minutes
while we move some things around.
We estimate that there could be 2 – 3 30 second blips to IPv4 traffic
during this window and 3 – 10 minutes of IPv6 downtime.
Colocated and Dedicated customers with their own firewalls and routers
and those who are not behind our own dedicated High Availabiltiy firewall
solution will be affected by this maintenance window.
Blacknight Engineering / support@blacknight.com

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