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Speak Your Mind On Copyright

We’ve written about copyright, digital rights and our views on the entire thing several times over the past few months. If you missed any of our previous articles on the subject they’re here, here and here. The Irish government has signed into law the SI, which doesn’t really surprise me. It was pretty clear that […]

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Keep Calm And Read On

Calm Reasoned Dialogue Helps

The last week or so has been “interesting” to say the least. (Last time round it was only a couple of days. …. now it’s stretched to a week) It’s also been incredibly busy, which is why I’m only getting round to posting this now and even now I doubt that anything I post will […]

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Blacknight Says No To SOPA

Blacknight Does Not Support SOPA

We’ve always been strong believers in striking as sane a balance as possible between privacy, freedom of expression and protection of both 3rd parties’ rights and due process. We maintain good relations with law enforcement, government and the security community. We take our responsibility as a good corporate citizen in the internet ecosystem very seriously. […]

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Stopping Badware

I’ve always been a strong believer that good behaviour and a clean internet would lead to a better experience for everyone. There is a lot of nasty stuff out there and we’ve always tried to do what we can to stop it from affecting our clients. Unfortunately “network abuse” is not “sexy” or exciting and […]

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ICANN 39 Cartagena logo

ICANN 39 Colombia – XXX, New TLDs and more

Although it doesn’t start officially until Monday morning, the conference centre in Cartagena de las Indias, Colombia, is already buzzing with talk about domains and internet policy. From now until next Friday Cartagena will play host to the 39th public ICANN meeting and Blacknight, as Ireland’s only ICANN accredited registrar, is attending and participating. The […]

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Have your say

Not Happy With Policy? Make Your Voice Heard!

As regular readers know we are actively involved in domain name and internet industry self-regulation and policy development. It has always been my personal belief that if you have the ability to make your voice heard then you should take advantage of any and all opportunities to do so. Why? Because the world is not […]

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IRMA, Eircom and the Death of Freedom

I was brought up to be proud of my heritage. Having lived and worked outside Ireland I was never ashamed of my Irish identity. However that has changed. When private organisations like IRMA and Eircom skip the judicial process and enter into agreements that curtail free speech it makes me ashamed to carry an Irish […]

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Moving Forward With .XXX Makes Sense

Internet policy and the domain name space is constantly evolving. As a company actively involved in this space we try our best to keep abreast of changes that affect us both in Ireland, the EU and globally. We also like to take an active part in the policy change and development when we can. We […]

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Congratulations ICANN

As an internet business it is only natural that we would be concerned with the development of policies that affect our sector. Earlier today ICANN‘s agreement with the US government came to an end. It has been replaced with a new document which paves the way for the future – a bright future which is […]

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