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Not Happy With Policy? Make Your Voice Heard!

As regular readers know we are actively involved in domain name and internet industry self-regulation and policy development. It has always been my personal belief that if you have the ability to make your voice heard then you should take advantage of any and all opportunities to do so. Why? Because the world is not […]

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Meet .co

Sick of .com? Meet .co!

We’re delighted to announce that we’re now offering the .co domain extension for registration. But what is it you may be asking yourself? .co is a strange beast, as it’s being hailed as the “next big thing” and I guess your question should be, is it going to be ? Well the .co registry are […]

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Over the last couple of years URL shorteners have gone from being “handy”, yet probably geeky, to being omnipresent. Just about every website out there has some kind of URL shortening builtin with an increasing number of companies / sites opting to use their own branded one. We finally got round to putting our own […]

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Are Your Hands Tied?

Domain transfers shouldn’t be a “big deal”. It should be quite easy. A registrant (ie. you) should be able to switch the billing of their domain name(s) from one registrar (or reseller) to another quite painlessly. As long as you aren’t a criminal it should be a simple and accessible process. Unfortunately the reality remains […]

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double the bandwidth

And Now With Even More Bandwidth!

We’ve doubled the bandwidth on all our shared hosting plans (Minimus, Medius & Maximus) effective immediately. You can compare our hosting plans’ limits here – 200 gigabytes of bandwidth is now our minimum amount!! Anyone who signed up since Friday has been getting the new allocations, while existing client accounts should be updated with the […]

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.biz - get serious

Save On Business (.biz) Domain Names

From now until the end of August we have reduced the price of .biz domain names to €5.99 / year. Do you need a coupon code? No. The price reduction will appear automatically in the checkout What does this apply to? The €5.99 / year price applies to new registrations and transfers of .biz domain […]

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