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ubuntu cola can

Chilled Ubuntu

I never thought I’d be putting Ubuntu in the office fridge, but that’s exactly what I’ve done today. Ubuntu cola is a fair trade certified cola drink and it has a cool name, so we got a case of it for the office. Working for us may not be be healthy (you sit at a […]

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Ubuntu, Fedora Core and OpenSuse VPS now available

We’ve been getting tonnes of feedback from customers over the past couple of weeks since our VPS product launch. As Michele has posted previously we’ve had lots of requests for other distros. Mostly our issues with these is cramming them all onto the website. We’re building an app behind the scenes to make it easier […]

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Comment Policy Update

In order to preserve our sanity I’ve modified the settings here so that comments will automatically close after 120 days. So any entry that is 4 months or older will no longer be open for comments. Since quite a few of the posts on here are time sensitive eg. special offers it makes sense. It […]

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dog with a laptop

Teaching A Dog New Tricks

I’ve never really liked that old adage of “teaching a dog new tricks”. I firmly believe that you have to learn to adapt and grow. Launching a new product or service is a learning process. I could shove in another saying there about mice and men, but that might be overkill. Earlier this week we […]

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parallels logo

VPS Hosting On Linux AND Windows Now Available

We have finally launched the first set of new products and services that we’ve been working on for months. As of last night Blacknight VPS hosting is open for business. The new VPS hosting is the perfect solution for people who want to run custom setups without incurring the costs of dedicated hardware. For example […]

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