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We have finally launched the first set of new products and services that we’ve been working on for months.
As of last night Blacknight VPS hosting is open for business.
The new VPS hosting is the perfect solution for people who want to run custom setups without incurring the costs of dedicated hardware.
For example if you want to experiment with JSP, Ruby on Rails, Light HTTPD or want to install custom DLLs on Windows.
With a VPS you have full control. The only limits are your imagination and your credit card limit!
What’s a VPS?
VPS stands for virtual private server.
It’s hard to put it into really simple terms, but it’s a way to give you the control and flexibility of a dedicated server at a fraction of the price.
What are Blacknight offering?
We’re offering a full range of Windows Server 2003 64 bit and Centos 5 (Linux) based virtual servers.
Can I get a control panel for this?
Yes. All VPS servers come with the Virtuozzo Power Panel which gives you control over the basic operations of your VPS.
If you’re not comfortable managing your server over SSH / RDP then you can opt to get Plesk as well.
What about other linux distros?
We’ll be adding other popular Linux distributions in the coming weeks. For the moment we’re offering the most popular alternative to RedHat Enterprise
Will you be offering Windows Server 2008?
We intend to offer it as soon as it is viable ie. fully supported and tested
The entire system is securely hosted in one of Ireland’s leading data centres, Interxion in Dublin, Ireland.
In the last few months we’ve mentioned a lot of upgrades and improvements to our network. Part of the reason for doing all this was to make way for the rollout of our Parallels network.
If anyone has any feedback we’d really love to hear it.
Let us know in the comments or if you’d prefer discretion email management@blacknight.com

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