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Paul, our overworked and under appreciated CTO (who also happens to be my business partner) has been beavering away on enabling more cool stuff for the VPS hosting solutions.
One of the most requested features over the past few days has been support for more linux distributions.
Since there are a LOT of linux distributions we had to focus on the more important and popular ones, so Debian was pretty much top of the list.
You can now order Debian VPS (without plesk) via the online shop.
Rest assured that we do plan on adding more linux distributions, but as the old adage goes – Rome wasn ‘t built in a day, so we’d have to humbly ask you to bear with us.
Of course you don’t have to wait if you don’t want to, but hopping up and down won’t speed things up…
Speaking of linux distros …
We probably won’t be adding support for Gentoo for some time if ever – sorry!
And now to distract you with a pretty image:
parallels virtuozzo containers box
Of course it’s more than just pretty.
With the virtual server solution powered by Parallels you can easily manage your virtual server (with full root access) from within the control panel. Want to reboot it or even stop it? How about a simple mouse click?
And if you break your VPS beyond recognition you can easily reinstall it from scratch and start all over. (I think I’ve broken mine about 4 times in the last 48 hours !!)
I’ll probably post some screenshots or a screencast of the system when I get a chance.
But if there’s any topic you’d like to see covered do let us know via the comments

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