Get mobile with GoMobi and make a mobile (and dragon) friendly website for your business

Mobile is big and getting bigger. If you ignore it as part of your business then you do so at your peril.

Bert, our pet Dragon, wanted to get a takeaway and all he could find was a PDF menu! And while you may not believe in dragons you’ve probably come across restaurant websites that insist on giving you the menu as a PDF only. The Oatmeal sums it up nicely – and if you’re a designer and you haven’t seen that comic, where have you been?

But I digress..

Some projections suggest that there will be over 1 billion users of mobile by 2013. Can you or your business afford to ignore them?

Is your website functional and usable on all mobile devices?

If yes, then well done, if not then read on!

We’ve partnered with GoMobi from Dublin based dotMobi to offer our clients the best mobile solution that money can buy.

What does the system do?

You’ve got two choices. You can either build a mobile site from scratch or give it a “kick start” by letting GoMobi “suck in” your existing site’s content (basically save some time on typing).

Want to know more? Check out the demonstration video here

So how much will this cost?

€3.99 a month or €44.99 a year

How do I order it?

You can order it here.

Do I need a .mobi domain name to use GoMobi?

No. GoMobi will work with any domain name. You just need to let the system know where the new mobile site will be located ie. m.domain.tld or iphone.domain.tld – you decide

Who provides the hosting for the mobile site?

GoMobi does

What about search engines? Will my GoMobi site be search engine friendly?

The solution has been designed to make your mobile site as search engine friendly as possible and follow best practices.

If you have any other questions please let us know! Bert and the team are here to help!

GoMobi now for your domain

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