I’m not sure how people were able to support causes before the advent of social media. How did they like, share or retweet hashtags and vacuous catchy phrases? It must have been so hard ..

Oh wait .. Didn’t we all pony up cash and actually help fund those organisations “on the ground”?

Remember Live Aid? Or even Self Aid?

Maybe I’m getting senile ..

(And yes, I’m in a sarcastic mood today)

Let’s be blunt (something I’m quite good at). There is a refugee crisis. It’s not going to go away overnight and there are people and organisations out there who can provide assistance. Sure, it would be fantastic if there was a “quick fix”, but there isn’t.

Innocent civilians are suffering and dying.

I’m proud that our Defence Forces have been helping rescue refugees in the Mediterranean.

I’m personally shocked and disgusted at some of the rhetoric from some quarters of Irish and European society. The comments on the “Identity Ireland” Facebook page, for example, make me sick to my stomach. This kind of attitude should not be allowed in any civilised society:


You’d think that the Irish had never emigrated anywhere ever..

Anyway, I could rant for hours about this, but it wouldn’t help anyone.

If you want to help then I’d encourage you to donate to charities like Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) or Inara

And yes, I did make a personal donation to MSF earlier today.

Come on people – we all have some humanity left surely!


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