One of the things I’m personally proud of is that Ireland is a fairly progressive country. It’s not perfect, but neither is any country. And while most Irish people are happy to “live and let live” not all are, which is why Irish LGBTQ charity BeLonG To Youth Services still needs to exist.

Yesterday afternoon the .gay domain extension went into “general availability” ie. anyone who wants one can now register one. The team at .gay are donating part of the revenue from every .gay registration to some LGBTQ charities in the US, so we thought we’d do our bit as well.


So for every .gay domain name registered via ourselves we are donating a Euro to Irish LGBTQ charity BeLonG To Youth Services.

You can read more about it all in the press release we put out a bit earlier today.

The .gay namespace has been setup to be open and inclusive and it’s already gained traction with some prominent users like George Takei:

He’s already using, while there’s a load of other companies, individuals and organisations around the world actively using their new .gay domain names for a range of different types of content.

In this time when there’s so much negativity it’s nice to see some form of light at the end of the tunnel!

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