We’ve always been one of the first companies to peer with new members of the INEX. Last week Nick Hilliard from INEX announced to the peering community that Amazon were connected and ready to start peering with other members.
Today we’ve added Amazon Europe on LAN#1 on the INEX. All Amazon services that are hosted in Europe will be available over this peering session. We’ve also heard that other services like S3 etc will be hosted in Europe shortly (read that as 6-12 months or maybe sooner) and as above will be available to us and our customers.
Please be aware that these services are not available on any other Peering platform in Europe, the INEX is the first exchange in Europe that Amazon have connected to so as a hosting provider we have unique, low latency, high bandwidth capacity access to Amazons web services.
I hear that Euro S3 is available already! So we’re directly connected with the network that S3 is served from. This is very good news for our colo and dedicated customers that are using S3!

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