Meet The Blacknight Twitter Team

Niamh – Paul – Alan – Michele – James


Hot on the heels of yesterdays announcement we decided to have a bit of fun and well it has been a while since we last did a “meet the team” style post so why not try to inject a bit of humour into things on this Tuesday morning.

We’ve been incredibly busy the last year we’ve had a few people move on and we’ve hired more and continue to expand. The twitter team has mostly stayed the same however.

So who’s in the picture … from left to right we’ve got

^NF – Niamh is the head of sales (and chief office banter provider if you ask her). If you end up asking a sales question you’ll no doubt get a response from her. You can follow her on twitter @NiamhFitz

^PK – Paul is the CTO of the company and knows the direction things are going also a rather technical guy so if your question goes beyond “which package should I get?” he’s your man. You can follow him on twitter @shortword

^AOR – Alan is a senior systems engineer and along with the rest of the engineering team responsible for keeping things running smoothly on a day to day basis. When he’s not weathering any server problems he runs You can follow him on twitter at @CarlowWeather

^MN – Michele is the CEO and heavily involved in marketing of the company. If you see a buffered up tweet it’ll probably be from him. You’ll find him responding to all sorts of queries not to mention posting some random silliness on the company accounts. He’s heavy involved in the domain industry and you’ll see tweets from him regarding ICANN / domain industry events. He also co-hosts the podcast. You can follow him on twitter @MNeylon or read his blog at

^JL – James is the graphics / web guy and part of the development team and sometimes finds himself responsible for silly posts like this. He generally has a good understanding of how various things are working and is responsible for a lot of the micro sites as well as various graphics you’ll see. You can follow him on twitter @Forbairt or follow his not very active blog

And that’s the team and more importantly what those little initials that you see at the end of the tweets are all about. Please remember the accounts linked are personal accounts and should be treated as such.

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