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Bulk Domain Orders Are Here!

One of the things that people really really hated about our old order system was the lack of a bulk order option for domains. Our nice new shiny order system solves this issue once and for all! You can now order up to 100 domains at once via our new bulk order system. We’re also […]

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More Domain Price Hikes

One of the downsides of a free market is that people can and will change their pricing. Verisign will be upping the registry prices on both .com and .net on October 1st 2008, while .org will push theirs up on November 9th. We’ll be keeping an eye on how this pricing affects us and will […]

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Blacknight On

Journalists call from time to time asking me to talk about various internet related topics. Most of the time the publications or shows are “general interest”, so you can only talk about very general things. Last night, however, was quite different, as I was one of the guests on “Domain Masters” which is broadcast and […]

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Registrar’s Lock-In of Searched Names Could Spur Class-Action Litigation

The following article was published earlier today in Washington Internet Daily. It is reproduced here with the publisher’s permission. I posted a related article on my domain blog earlier this week. Registrar Network Solutions could face legal action over its practice of locking in domain names that are searched but not bought, Michigan attorney Enrico […]

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Domain Registrant Rights

As a domain registrant you have certain rights. Unfortunately those rights can be abused by companies that don’t believe in ethical business practices. It would be nice and simple if the whois display were the same across all TLDs (ie. domain extensions), but they’re not. A basic right is for the domain to be registered […]

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