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Rathaus (Town hall) in Vienna, Austria

Talking Malware At RIPE 63

Image via Wikipedia RIPE 63 is being held this week in Vienna, Austria and I’ll be heading out to the meeting tomorrow (assuming Air France’s industrial actions don’t affect me!) One of the areas that I’m particularly interested in is network abuse and as such I’ll be presenting on Tuesday afternoon as part of the […]

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MeetDomianers 2011

Tydzień temu, w warszawskim hotelu Polonia odbyła się kolejna edycja imprezy MeetDomainers. Nie było to jednak tylko spotkanie branży domenowej, wiele z wystąpień poświęconych było inwestowaniu, od startupów internetowych czy technologicznych, po tematy – wydawać by się mogło – zupełnie odległe.

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Sponsoring 24 The Web

Here at Blacknight we’re strong believers in supporting interesting and / or worthy causes. We’ve sponsored plenty of events over the last few years and hopefully we’ll continue to be able to do so. Personally I love the concept behind 24 The Web. It’s so simple and incredible, so when I heard that Stewart was […]

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Check The Small Print – EU Business Register (and others)

Successful scams aren’t complicated. They don’t involve lots of technology. They simply involve fooling people and using “old tech” ie. paper, pen and signatures to scam money out of companies. EU Business Register is one of those “services”. Here’s the current version of the form – that they’re distributing via spam email: Notice the costs? […]

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IDN Domains Names Are Go!

Over the past few weeks our technical team have been working on integrating IDN domain names. IDN domains are “internationalised” so with an IDN domain name you can put in the accents like the “fada” in Irish, or the Spanish N (Ñ) directly into the domain name.So, for example, I’ve registered Mícheá, while other members […]

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