CoCCA, which is the registry operator for several country code top level domains (ccTLDs) is making some significant changes to their policies effective November 7th 2011. You can read the official announcement on their site here.

We were only informed of this policy change this evening – a week prior to it coming into effect.

The domain extensions impacted are:

  • .af
  • .cx
  • .gs
  • .gy
  • .ht
  • .ki
  • .ms
  • .nf
  • .sb

What is changing?

The registry will be sending ALL registrants emails as follows:

On Registration, the anniversary of Registration, Renewal or Change of
Registrant the Administrative contact or Registrant are sent two
emails from the registry. One is a “welcome” message from the
Sponsoring Organization that advises them of their rights and
responsibilities as well as the contact information of their
registrar; the second is an “activation” email with a link that the
recipient must click on to a.) accept the TLD Registrant Agreement and
AUP policy; and b.) confirm the validity of contact details provided
by the registrar or reseller to the registry.

On Renewal or change of Registrant the policy must again be accepted
and the contact details confirmed with 21 days or the domain will be

NB: If you fail to act on the emails your domain name could be suspended without further notice.

The emails will be coming from CoCCA directly and will look similar to this:

You are receiving this email because you are listed as the registrant contact for a new .af domain name (#{domain}).

As the listed registrant you are the individual ultimately responsible for ensuring compliance with the .af policy. 

Your domain has been registered through the registrar listed below (or one of their resellers)

#{nameLabel} #{name}
#{websiteLabel} #{website}
#{emailLabel} #{email}
#{phoneLabel} #{phone}
#{faxLabel} #{fax}
#{addressLabel} #{address}

One of the responsibilities you have as a domain name registrant is to ensure the contact information in your domain name record is kept up to date.  If you need to make changes to your information, please contact your registrar.

Please click go to{link} to confirm your registration.

This email was sent from an unattended address, please do not reply to it.

I had expressed our concerns to the CoCCA about their proposed changes some time ago, however it is clear that our concerns were not taken into consideration.

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