Successful scams aren’t complicated. They don’t involve lots of technology. They simply involve fooling people and using “old tech” ie. paper, pen and signatures to scam money out of companies.

EU Business Register is one of those “services”.
Here’s the current version of the form – that they’re distributing via spam email:


Notice the costs? It’s buried in the small print. The only reference to pricing in the “meat” part of the form is the reference to “free updates”

How about the body of the actual email that they send out:
eu-business-register-email.jpgAgain the emphasis is on the free updates.

We’ve been seeing these kind of scams for a long time, so I thought I’d check my archives

Here’s a few more I came across from earlier this year – you might notice a lot of similarities


If you get any of these (via email or snail mail) we’d recommend you bin them immediately.

If you insist on filling them out then please read all the small print!