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Equality Campaign for the Irish Design Industry is Launched [Audio]

It’s International Women’s Day, and tonight in Dublin the Institute of Designers in Ireland will launch a gender equality initiative called Why Design. IDI President Kim Mackenzie-Doyle is our guest on today’s podcast. Click on the player below to play the podcast, or download it here: 11:23; 7MB; MP3. Why Design aims to encourage women to […]

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Blacknight Sponsors OFFSET Conference on Design and Creativity

If you’ve been on Dublin’s streets in the past week, you may be feeling more aesthetically stimulated than usual. It could be the stretch in the evenings, or it might be OFFSITE, the mini design festival which has been running since March 30th, aimed at taking design out of the studio and into the streets. OFFSITE is an offshoot (so to speak) from […]

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We #LoveSMEs: Stuart from Dragon Marketing [Video]

  Don’t forget: nominations close tomorrow (Valentine’s Day) for the inaugural SME Awards! As headline sponsors we’ve been talking to our friends in the SME world and encouraging them to enter. (It’s free!) And it’s given us an opportunity to have a conversation about SMEs. This is the first of a series of videos we’re making on the subject: […]

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cloud hosting ad copy using dragon and knight

Dragons, Knights and Cloud Hosting

We have been tweaking and refreshing a lot of our online and offline ads over the last couple of months. James, our super duper designer and dragon tamer extraordinaire, came up with this concept for a particular project and we’ll be using it in some of our print and digital ads over the next few […]

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Giving A Little Back To The Community

I’m never entirely sure where you’re meant to draw the line between being a “startup” and being something else.. When you stop being a “startup” do you become a “grownup” company? How can you tell you’re no longer a startup? In any case a lot of our clients, both in Ireland and overseas, are startups. […]

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8 bit Google Maps showing our offices

Remember Low Resolution Graphics?

Today is April Fool’s Day, so a lot of people and companies are playing silly tricks on people. Google Maps currently has an option labelled “Quest” which displays maps using 8 bit graphics. It reminds me of when I first started using computers back in the 1980s. Computers were a lot less powerful – my […]

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Sponsoring 24 The Web

Here at Blacknight we’re strong believers in supporting interesting and / or worthy causes. We’ve sponsored plenty of events over the last few years and hopefully we’ll continue to be able to do so. Personally I love the concept behind 24 The Web. It’s so simple and incredible, so when I heard that Stewart was […]

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The Blacknight Link Roundup Week 1

Every week I go through 10 .. 20 .. 100 links that I’d love to keep track of … a long time ago I stopped using bookmarks because … I’ve just got too many of them. I’ve used various tools like http://www.delicious.com/ and http://www.stumbleupon.com/ but you know what? … I keep on leaving tabs open […]

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Billing - Screenshot 2

We Need Your Feedback!

UPDATE 28/2: New screenshot added belowThe Blacknight hosting platform is very powerful and has a lot of fantastic features. However, the control panel is not perfect and we are all too aware of this. The control panel vendors, Parallels, have been working closely with us to improve aspects of the system so that: You are […]

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BK packaging angle shot with mug small.jpg

Horses, Foam and Coffee

The guys in MadeInHollywood did a fantastic job on our mug packaging a few weeks ago. They’ve since gone off and taken some more photos of the packaging with actual Blacknight branded mugs (we didn’t have any!) and I thought they looked really cool, so here they are: And another angle…Which leads into this angle […]

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