We’ve got some great offers right now on some of the most creative options for domain names. .DESIGN, .INK, and .WIKI. Register a new name today with one of these domain extensions for only €5.99*.

Each of these top-level domains offers a unique opportunity to meaningfully brand your website and email. What’s more: they have greater availability for popular names than larger registries such as .com.

Grand Designs

.DESIGN is ideal for innovators, for those who can’t help but create. It’s perfect for businesses involved in design, development, arts, publishing, marketing and many other fields. It’s also proved to be a popular alternative domain for many well known brands who want to engage with partners and the creative community on matters of style and design.

Ink Makes an Impression

.INK is great for printing companies – obviously – but also for writers, journalists, bloggers, graphical artists and calligraphers. Alternatively, it’s popular with tattoo artists and afficionados.

Or you could just use it to sell ink.

Wikis are for Everyone

Finally, while Wikipedia may be the world’s most famous wiki, it’s by no means the only one. Anyone can create a wiki: it’s a great way to encourage a customer community, or to build a knowledge base for staff and business partners. And a .WIKI domain name explains instantly what it’s all about.

Get Creative Now

New names in .DESIGN, .INK, and .WIKI are available now for the special offer price of only €5.99* ex VAT. There’s never been a better time to get creative!

* All prices exclude VAT. Offer applies to the first year of a new registration. Normal prices will apply on renewal after the first year.

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