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Happy Halloween – Oíche Shamhna Shona Daoibh

This weekend is Halloween – all saints, Toussaint, Samhain… If you’re a horror film fan, then this weekend is probably going to be your favourite one of the year! And if you’re into dressing up, then there’s usually a few costume parties that you can attend. Here at Blacknight our offices were invaded with foam […]

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So Why Do You Choose Us?

I spend a lot of my time thinking about marketing and sales. We can track clicks, impressions, telephone calls, emails, live chats etc etc., but none of this data will answer one of the key questions: Why us? Why do people choose to register their domain name(s) or get hosting (or both) with us? Is […]

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Let's Get Personal!

Let’s Get Personal!

Get personal with .me USB key Originally uploaded by blacknight I hate being given useless objects. If you go to trade shows you usually end up with a huge collection of pens and pencils, as well as loads of other things that you will never ever use. So I vowed a long long time ago […]

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Congrats To All The Winners

About 1/3 of the Blacknight staff were in the Mansion House on Saturday night for the Irish Web Awards. We didn’t win any of the awards, but we did have a great evening. Big thanks to the organisers of the event and the headline sponsors Realex Payments The official list of winners is now online […]

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Irish Web Awards 2010

Best Of Luck To Irish Web Awards Finalists

The Realex Payments Irish Web Awards are on tonight in Dublin’s Mansion House. Over the past few weeks there have been nominations, long lists, shortlists and now the only ones left are the finalists! We are honoured and delighted to be in the list of finalists under three different categories (social media, SME and new […]

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CENTR logo

CENTR Debate On Reputational DNS

CENTR (Council of European National Top Level Domain Registries), which is the European association for country code domain name registry managers, held their 43rd General Assembly in Brussels last week. I was invited to speak at the meeting, but rather than giving a “talk” the format was a debate about “reputational DNS”. So what exactly […]

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DomainFest Europe - Prague - Quick Preview

DomainFest Europe – Prague – Quick Preview

I’m currently in Prague for DomainFest Europe. The event officially kicks off tomorrow morning, though I suspect that the city is already being invaded by internet professionals from the four corners of the globe. The event agenda covers a good range of topics, with experts in the fields of law, advertising, SEO and PPC being […]

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