We assure you; this isn’t an April Fool’s joke! Our broadband prices are staying steady. In these times of economic uncertainty, this is our commitment to you. No hidden costs, no unexpected increases, just reliable broadband at predictable prices.

In a world where fluctuating prices have become the norm in the broadband sector, Blacknight emerges as a beacon of stability in Ireland.

At Blacknight, we’ve designed a pricing model that’s not just affordable but also stable. Our commitment is to long-term value, which means no unexpected yearly percentage increases. This approach is tailored to give our customers peace of mind, knowing their broadband costs won’t suddenly surge.

Understanding the need for flexibility, Blacknight offers a 6-month contract for monthly subscriptions as well as the option to lock in a discounted price by paying annually upfront (12-month contract). This sets us apart from the pack, offering a balance of commitment and flexibility, thus allowing customers to enjoy high-quality broadband without feeling tied down for an extended period.

Our customer service team, located in Carlow, is the backbone of our operation. Available on phone and email, they’re always ready to assist our customers across Ireland. Their dedication and expertise are why our customer service ratings soar high.

Initially focused on business broadband, Blacknight has evolved with the changing market demands, now serving the residential sector as well. This expansion is a testament to our willingness to adapt and serve a broader audience, ensuring that everyone can access top-notch broadband services.

We believe in offering more than just a stable broadband connection. At Blacknight, “value for service” is our mantra. Blacknight isn’t just another broadband provider; we are a partner in your daily digital life. Our dedication to stable pricing, flexible contracts, exceptional customer service, and adapting to market needs sets us apart.

Choose Blacknight for a broadband experience that’s as reliable as it is affordable.

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