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More Flash Tutorials Added – Application Vault – DNS

We’ve added a couple of more Flash tutorials to the support section of our site. The new tutorials cover using the control panel to manage DNS, change nameservers and use the autoinstaller (Application Vault) to setup applications like WordPress or Movable Type. You can now easily manage your domain’s DNS settings including setting up both […]

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Using Joomla? Check The Version

Image via Wikipedia There’s a serious security issue affecting older versions of the popular CMS Joomla. If you are using Joomla please take the time to check the software version, as older versions are susceptible to a serious security issue Users on our DirectAdmin servers may opt to use the upgrade system within Installatron, however […]

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Bulk Domain Orders Are Here!

One of the things that people really really hated about our old order system was the lack of a bulk order option for domains. Our nice new shiny order system solves this issue once and for all! You can now order up to 100 domains at once via our new bulk order system. We’re also […]

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Emails From IEDR?

Earlier today our developers were doing some housekeeping on IE domains. What we were doing was updating some of the technical contact details to maintain some level of uniformity. While this change had zero impact on the domains themselves and only affected the WHOIS data, the registry’s system still sent multiple emails to registrants confirming […]

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Feature Update IE domains

We announced a while ago that multi year .ie registrations were going to be available soon. Wednesday last week this went live, you can now register an IE domain for upto 10 years. Currently we’re allowing 1-5, and 10 years, we’ll change this in a week or two once things settle down. The second thing […]

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