Blacknight Says No To SOPA

I posted about our thoughts on SOPA and why we were opposed to it over Christmas.

In the last week or so the US government has backpedalled to a certain degree in respect of the tabled SOPA legislation, but they still want something.

Whether it’s “a” SOPA, PIPA or something else is you can be pretty confident that this sort of legislation is going to be tabled again and again and again.

Today many high profile sites are protesting either by “going dark” or adding a message of some kind to their main page.

Wikipedia (English desktop version) has gone dark, though you can still access the mobile site.

Google in the US has swapped out its logo, though you can’t see it if you’re outside the US:

Google blacks out its logo for US visitors

You can find a list of some of the sites participating over on the SOPA Strike site.

Here in Ireland we’re aware of a few sites that have gone dark:

Bock The Robber

Internetnews (run by me), as is my personal blog

Know of any other sites “going dark”? Let us know via the comments

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