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If you’ve ordered any IE domains from us recently or are planning on doing so this post is for you!

Since the IE Domain Registry requires specific documentation for each and every IE domain that you want to register we spend a lot of our time playing “email ping pong” with both you, our clients, and the registry staff.

One of the biggest frustrations with this is that unfortunately a lot of people forget to send us the documents and they can end up “losing” their chance to register a domain.

That results in frustration / anger / annoyance / disappointment all round.

It’s not nice – but it happens.

We’ve been tweaking stuff on our end over the last year to try to ensure that it happens a lot less…

As of yesterday afternoon we’ve made a small, but significant, addition to our domain registration backend system.

We’ve finally turned on the “nag” system.

Basically what will happen is that every working day at around 9am our backend system (think computers, servers, lots of 1’s and 0’s) will send you an email to remind you to provide the documentation.

As soon as the domain is fully registered these reminder (nag) emails will stop.

Now I know that some people are going to find these emails really really annoying.

I am sorry, but you’d be even more annoyed with us if your really “cool” name was registered by a competitor, wouldn’t you?

And if you’re not sure which documents you need to give us, then let our sales staff know – they’ll always try their best to assist you.

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