Portrait of an eye

Image by VeVi via Flickr

As some of you may know, we’ve been using Twitter to republish posts from here and our technical status site / blog.

Of course our Twitter user is also a human (of sorts), so it also answers questions and has even been known to ask them as well..

Damien, who we’ve mentioned a couple of times in the past, did an interesting post on how Irish businesses use Twitter and we got a mention!

I guess we should get the bksolutions user to interact a bit more! (I’m on there as well of course, as are several or our staff)

You’ll also find me on most of the other “social networking” sites (if you’re bored):



I have an account on Facebook, but haven’t been using it as much as others might, though the new interface for Facebook seems a lot less cluttered, so I might start using it more. And yes – I do have a Bebo account.

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