sleazy salesman
We’ve been running a series of discounts and promotions on a variety of domain extensions for the last couple of months…

We’ve now added a $random factor into the equation. Well “equation” might not be the best word.. Let’s just call if the “mix”.

At completely random times throughout the day (and night) we’ll be cutting the price on some domain extensions.

In some cases we’ll literally be giving away domains for FREE (gratis, no charge etc)

In other cases we’ll charge a Euro or two for a domain.

In all cases you’re going to get a fantastic bargain.

So how will you find out about these promotions? (Or maybe we should call them “extra promotions”?)

Simplest way is via Facebook or Twitter.

Depending on the promotion it might be time based ie. a particular cctld extension being set to a specific price for 30 minutes OR they might be based on units ie. the next 50 .com domains or whatever.

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