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Paypal are making some subtle, yet important, changes in how they handle redirects and landing pages for their merchants ie. those of us who use Paypal as a method of accepting payments.

If you don’t accept payments using Paypal then this will not impact you.

At the moment if you are an Irish Paypal user you might be referring to, while UK users might be referring to

As of May 1st 2012 Paypal will stop supporting these “localised” redirects and landing pages and will only support redirects to

Here are a few examples:

Website Payment Standard HTML button code
<a form method=””>
needs to be updated to
<a form method=””>

Express Checkout redirect URL…
needs to be updated to…

Digital Goods checkout redirect URL…
needs to be updated to…

IPN Postback URL:
needs to be updated to


If you’re already sending everything to you won’t need to make any changes, but if you are referencing your local Paypal domain name eg. .ie in Ireland, in the UK or .fr in France, then you need to switch over to using the .com

Any issues should be raised with Paypal’s support team (not ours please! 🙂 )

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