It’s never been a better time to finally get your business selling online. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to change the way they operate to survive, and many have survived by beginning to sell online. And now that the pandemic is mostly ‘over’ in many parts of the world, the time to build a new business or get an existing one online is NOW. Increasingly, businesses are doing that on the .SHOP domain.

And now that domain extension is on sale with Blacknight!

The .SHOP domain is the perfect domain for opening your online shop. It’s short, punchy, and says what it is on the tin. At only €4.99 for the first year ex-VAT, it’s an affordable way to secure your shop’s name online and get selling. This offer is valid for a limited time.

When you bundle this with our innovative shopBuilder product, you can have the perfect .SHOP domain and an online shop selling your products online in a matter of minutes. It’s never been easier for small businesses to get online and start selling. If the pandemic years have taught us anything, it’s that to survive, you need to be selling online. Your customers expect you to be selling online.

Here are five great reasons to register .SHOP

  1. It’s available – You don’t need to worry if the relevant .IE or .COM domain for your business has been taken by someone else. More than likely, it’s still available in the .SHOP domain space.
  2. It’s affordable – Currently, at just €4.99 for the first year ex VAT, its cost is on par with other popular domain names. You won’t break the bank getting one of these.
  3. It’s open – Anyone can register a .SHOP domain name and no further verification is required. That means as soon as you purchase it, you can point it to a website, and it’ll be working in minutes.
  4. It’s flexible – You can use it for an online-only shop, or a brick-and-mortar shop. It also works to create a separate shop from your ‘regular’ website so you can keep e-commerce separate if that’s not your primary business focus.
  5. It’s growing – It’s no longer unusual to use a .SHOP domain for an online shop – there are over 650,000 domains registered! More and more online shops are using it, and that recognition with consumers reduces the risk of using it in your adverting and marketing.

Ready to register your .SHOP domain name? Then head on over to our .SHOP landing page to begin your search or use the handy search box below.

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