Tomorrow is the big day!

We will be heading to Cork in force tomorrow, with staff coming from Carlow, Wexford and Clare to help Damien and his team run a successful event.

We’ve been looking forward to this and I know our team has put in a lot of time, energy and effort to make sure that it’s a fun and memorable evening.

Stephen and James have been working on designing a number of elements, including the stage for the evening, as well as some other fun things that we’ll have with us…

Conn will be setting up a mini-studio at the Radisson where he’ll be doing short interviews with finalists, winners and attendees. We’ve even got a nice green screen to use for our interviews!

One of the other sponsors is offering attendees a chance to get professional headshots done – it’s a great offer, so if you are attending and want to get one fill out the form here.

While we’d like to see ourselves as being a knight in shining armour that can help your small business succeed, Damien seems to prefer calling us “your business fairy Godmother”.

I’m not sure if we really fit that bill, but if you’d like to find out which description is best why not drop over to our stand?

Most of our sales team will be around all evening and we’re only too happy to talk to you all about how we can help you succeed online.

Over the past year we’ve launched several new services that are specifically tailored to helping small businesses get themselves online quickly and easily. If you need an attractive and responsive website, for example, our site builder solution is a great way to achieve that goal. Or how about marketing your online business? Or managing your social media presence? Or how about getting business email with all the latest office software? (You’ll find most of the new services here as well!)
Drop by our stand to talk to Gianni and his team about these and other services – we’ll be around all evening.

Back to packing all that gear into the cars .. now where did I leave my toothbrush?

See you all in Cork!


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