OSS BarcampOSS BarCamp is being held this year at IBM in Dublin on Saturday 17th April 2010.

The free event brings together users and developers of Open Source technology products and services to share ideas and experiences.

Here at Blacknight we use Open Source extensively. If you’re reading this on our blog, then you’re accessing a site running Apache, which is using Movable Type to publish its content. It’s sitting on a Linux server and I’m currently writing this post using Firefox. Movable Type isn’t 100% open source or free, but it uses an open source platform. Similarly, we offer a lot of services based on open source technologies, but they are not free of cost.

Open source as a philosophy is more about collaboration and sharing than the actual “free” or “cost” part of the discussion.

You can find out more about the event and register to attend on the site.

Blacknight is one of the event’s sponsors this year.

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