Meet the team

I’d be the first to admit that when we first started using Twitter a couple of years ago it was purely an experiment. It was something I signed up for and something I didn’t really consider of any value. (To read my quite scathing post on it click here) To be perfectly frank I thought it was a complete waste of time and couldn’t understand why anyone would want to use it.

A couple of years later and several thousand tweets later it’s a totally different ballgame.

Nowadays most of our staff have Twitter accounts. And there are now 4 people regularly “manning” the company Twitter account. This can lead to problems with two or more people replying to the same query!
(For more on our experiences with social media have a read of our previous article)

So what are we doing?

To start with we are trying to “sign” our tweets.
We had tried this some time ago, but it was probably too soon ie. we only had two people on the account at the time and our usage level was much much lower.

So let me introduce you to our “team”. I would call them our Twitter team or our social media team or give them some other fancy and possibly convoluted title, but it wouldn’t be honest.

Well there’s me @mneylon on Twitter. I should be signing as “^MN”
Paul Kelly @shortword – ^PK
James Larkin @forbairt – ^JL
Brian Kenny @bkenny – ^BK

All of us perform different roles within Blacknight so looking after the Twitter account is not our dayjob! Paul and I own the company, with Paul being the CTO. James is our designer, while Brian is one of our technical team.

You’re also likely to find the same people responding to queries and other feedback over on Get Satisfaction ..

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