Earlier today I emailed several thousand of our clients (some don’t want to receive emails and have opted out) with a special offer and a link to the first customer survey we’ve ever conducted.
I was hoping that we’d get some responses, but I’d no way of knowing how many we would get and so far I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the response rate.
We weren’t interested in people telling us how “wonderful” or “great” we were. There’s no way that we can improve things if all we hear is positive feedback.
It’s the negative comments that I’m really interested in and I’m delighted that so many people have given honest and blunt replies.
We decided to use Group Surveys to run the survey for us and I’m delighted that we did, as the reporting facility makes it quite easy for me to see what people have been saying.
I’ll let the survey run for a few days, as I know from previous experience that not everyone is as obsessive about checking mail as I might be!
However it is my intention to do a number of things based on the feedback we’ve been receiving:
– I will publish a summary of the survey. (I just need to work out how easy that is to do!)
– I will collate the negative comments and the positive ones and publish a summary of what people have been saying as well as any responses we have at present.
– We, as a company, will be reviewing each and every response internally to see how best we can address any issues that people have raised.
While we did spend quite a bit of time coming up with the survey ie. choosing the questions we wanted to ask and how we wanted to ask them, several people have spotted glitches in it. I was hoping we’d ironed them out before making it public, but I was obviously mistaken. We can learn from our mistakes!

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