The COVID-19 Pandemic has completely upended the film industry, like most things that were normal in the ‘before times.’ Last year IndieCork, the premiere film festival in Cork, had to take place virtually due to COVID restrictions. This year, the festival is taking a hybrid approach. There will essentially be two film festivals starting this weekend – the in-person festival at The Gate Cinema in Cork and the virtual festival that will take place in the Blacknight IndieCork Online Hub.

We love film here at Blacknight, and we’re super excited to be sponsors this year, as we have been in the past. Supporting important Irish cultural events like this is more critical than ever so that when the pandemic is ‘over’, these things that we know and love are still around.

About IndieCork

IndieCork is Ireland’s premiere festival of independent film and the largest festival for short film in Ireland. We showcase features and documentaries also. We welcome all forms of film: narrative, documentary, experimental, genre films, new media, poetry and dance films.

The Irish Times has cited IndieCork as “a renegade swaggering through the mainstream… there is nothing quite like this festival”.

IndieCork is a member of the Short Film Conference, and is the Irish correspondent for Euro Connection Co-Production Forum.

For those who attend our festival IndieCork offers a rich and rewarding experience, with engaged and supportive audiences and a lively social programme.

IndieCork is organised by a team with over 30 years experience in film programming and exhibition. We are Ireland’s only festival in shared ownership. We are a Co-operative and our Members own the company. Membership is open to all.

Film Festival Highlights

Going through the catalogue of what’s on offer this year – here are a few films that are sure to get people talking.


Mike, a low-level drug dealer, is haunted by a recent death. Unable to shake his waking nightmare, Mike’s business has suffered, and he and his gang are in debt to a ruthless supplier. In need of quick cash, the gang plan to grow a large amount of weed to settle the debt; now all they need is a quiet place to grow it. When Mike is given the address to an unassuming abandoned house, it would appear that their problems are solved. But when confronted by a locked door within the house, unease starts to form within the gang and old feuds begin to fester. As friendships unravel, the house begins to enact its own plan. A psychological thriller that creates a unique and distinctive atmosphere, from this debut feature director, made in Cork.

The Braves

Dreaming, falling, starting over. Margot and Alma are two best friends, holding on to the energy of their youth and their burning desire to conquer the world. As young hopeful actors, they try out at a Parisian theatre for plum roles, consoling and encouraging each other’s audacity. They party, they make the best of things, they confront their tribulations together. When real life kicks in, their do-or-die friendship can get them through anything. They are inseparable, unstoppable. An extraordinary debut film from a promising new talent, centred on the dynamic and ferocious performances of the lead actors.


Ireland, 1845, on the eve of The Great Hunger. Colmán Sharkey, a fisherman, a father, a husband, takes in a stranger at the behest of a local priest. As the crops rot in the fields, Colmán, his brother and Patsy travel to the English Landlord’s house to request a stay on rent increases that Colmán predicts will destroy his community. His request falls on deaf ears, and Patsy’s subsequent actions set Colmán on a path that will take him to the edge of survival and sanity. It is only upon encountering an abandoned young girl that Colmán’s resolve is lifted. Just in time for the darkness of his past to pay another visit.


Drone Bone Jetty

Drone Bone Jetty, the latest filmic/stage collaboration between Laura Sheeran (Director) and Little John Nee (writer and actor), is set in a not too distant dystopian future in the West of Ireland. Puck Tyrrell is waiting for a boat. He hasn’t gone to work today. He has probably lost his job anyway. Puck’s had a run of good luck lately; first, the allotment, then the free ticket to Heebie Jeebies and the new job; the newest recruit at the Academy of Holodramatic Arts, where algorithms do all the heavy thinking; those algorithms just can’t get enough in the Unity quest to create “art without artists’’; studying the freaks, creating the data.


Once Upon a Time in Ireland

1922. Civil War Ireland. A band of Republican IRA idealists are under siege in a tidal cave carved into the beautiful rugged wildness of the Irish Atlantic coast. Outside awaits a bloodthirsty force of anti-IRA/pro-treaty British supported troops. A wild and beautifully captured tale in the birth of a great nation!

There’s so much more to see – these are just some highlights that I would hit if I was going myself. See the full program here.

Going to IndieCork in person

Here are the details to go in person:

You can book all your tickets online at:

The Gate Cinema
North Main Street
Cork City
021 4279595

Shows up to 5pm: €7 standard price / €6.50 concession price Shows from 5pm: €10 standard price / €9 concession price

Season Ticket – €75 Members Season Ticket – €65

The Gate Cinemas have implemented a number of measures to ensure customers have a safe and enjoyable visit. Pre-booking is advised to avoid disappointment. Due to Public Heath measures introduced until October 22nd, all customers over the age of 18 must carry a valid EU Digital COVID Cert with photo identification and be prepared to present if required.

Watching online in the Blacknight Hub

Here are the details to watch online:

To enjoy films on the Blacknight online hub, visit:

Here you can see a wide selection of films and programmes at this year’s festival from September 19th to October 3rd.

You can purchase tickets for single programmes, or you can buy an Online Pass to see the full online programme.

  • Shorts Programmes: €5
  • Features & Documentaries: €6
  • Online Festival Pass: €40

All films screening in the cinema are also available online from the website, with just 3 exceptions: Arracht, Sweetheart, The Braves – which will be in-person only in Cork.

You can plan your time at the festival and see all that’s on offer in the official guide here.

Buy tickets at IndieCork 2021 Film Festival

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