barcamp Cork logoBarcamp is coming to Cork in November.

Over the past couple of years there have been several barcamp / creativecamp events throughout Ireland and we’ve been involved in some form or another with most of them (we may have missed out on one or two – I’m honestly not sure).

If you’re interested in attending then here are the “raw” details:

When?: Saturday November 1st 2008
Where?: Webworks, Cork (it’s very close to the centre of the city)
Who should attend?: anybody and everybody – the topics at these events are as broad ranging as the attendees

It looks like there might be an informal webmaster meetup the night before being organised by several of the regulars over on Irish Webmaster Forum (IWF)  For more information see this thread

What’s our involvement this year?

So far we’re sponsoring the hosting and domain.

As the event is being held in my home town I’ll probably show my face…

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