We’re upgrading our Control Panel and we hope you won’t be too shocked.

We're Upgrading

What’s happening?? When is it happening?

Tuesday the 26th February 2013 we’re going to be upgrading our Control Panel.

It’s going to be happening at 3am  to minimise the impact on our customers.

During this time the Control Panel is going to be unavailable at various times.

We’ll be updating our Status Blog with complete details.

What is changing?

With the control panel upgrade there are going to be some changes in the user interface and we hope you’ll like them 🙂

The biggest change for you our end customer’s point of view is that the Control Panel interface is going to be changing.

While we’re limited in some respects as to what we can do with the control panel software we’ve passed along feedback and various changes have been implemented.

Take a look at the below screenshot. It’s not the final version but you can see immediately that it’s a lot more user friendly and you’re drawn immediately to the icons for various functions within the control panel.

Bear with us  during the transition – it might be a big change, but we’re hoping it’s in the right direction!

The New Blacknight Control Panel

The above image is a representation of how the final version will look. We’ll be tweaking things over the coming weeks so this may change.

There’s a few more screenshots below that display how various aspects and functions within the control panel will look and feel post-upgrade.

Control Panel Users

Control Panel Email

Control Panel Websites

Control Panel Account Details

We hope you’re as excited as we are about this

(Original photo: electric shock from BigStockPhoto)

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  1. Paul says:

    Once it doesn’t restrict any access that we had before then it’s all good. If it allows more access on shared servers then even better. Make sure you update your faq/knowledge base as all the instructions as to what to click and your videos will be useless without updating them. Good luck

  2. Kieran Daly says:

    Well done. I love the nice cool and clean interface. Despite that it is probably the same tech underneath something about the new style is calming and god knows we need calming some days.


  3. Mike Brady says:

    Very shiny!! Look great guys. Nice to see some updates here. I wish you well and will try not to complain too much 😉


    1. Mike Brady says:

      ‘Look’ should have read ‘Looks’ and does not reflect my normal grammatical skills!

  4. Billy says:

    Yes, the new interface look beautifiul but why did you remove the facility to access ftp password etc? What benefit is there to that? Why was that done? Users now have to reset passwords every single time instead of being able to access them via there control panel? I am trying to understand why this was done specifically?

  5. Stephen says:

    Not mad on the new layout to be honest, had just gotten very familiar with the old minimal look, the new look takes up more vertical space. Also a nice feature of being able to view email passwords is gone, now I have no records of email passwords for some of my clients… I would like to this feature enabled on the new system.

  6. Anthony Barry says:

    I haven’t clicked on every link yet but I like it so far. Looks good and gets you to where you want to be faster.

  7. Zia says:

    The new CP is awesome.