Sand Running Through The Bulbs Of An Hourglass

We’ve been talking a lot about the launch of short IE domain names over the last few months.

The auctions for contested domains from landrush are progressing and we’ve been getting notices from IEDR if our clients are successful. Short domain names like these do not come on the market every day, so it’s not surprising to see auctions where domains have sold for a healthy four figure sum.

Already some big companies and household names are using their short IE domain names. We (Blacknight) are now using for both online and offline marketing and social media, which we’re really happy about.

So now we’re entering the final stretch, or as I like to think, “it’s the final countdown”:

IEDR now inform us that general availability will open on May 16th at 1100.

So which domains are going to be available when GA (general availability) opens?

It’s easier to say what will NOT be available.

Here’s the full list of domain names that were already registered or are reserved by IEDR:

Already registered:

Registered during sunrise:

Registered during landrush phase:

Reserved by IEDR:

We’re still taking pre-orders for short IE domain names if you want to try and get one. It’s not every day that you can register a premium domain name at standard registration fees!

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