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Man Using Contactless Payment App On Mobile Phone In Cafe

Irish Shoppers Flocking To Paying By Contactless And Mobile

Irish shoppers, like those across Europe, are flocking to new payment options using contactless credit cards and mobile payments in ever increasing numbers, forgoing cash for speed and convenience. Over three-quarters (78%) of Irish shoppers are using mobile payment options such as a smartphone, tablet or wearable device when shopping, the eighth highest use in […]

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Don't forget to renew your hosting / domain

Don’t Lose Your Domain (Or Your Hosting)

Domain registration and hosting are not expensive. Signing up for hosting and domain registration isn’t complicated. Choose your hosting provider / domain registrar. Find an available domain name, choose an appropriate hosting plan, pay and off you go. The entire process is fast and automated (unless you chose a domain name that requires manual intervention). […]

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phishing fraud

Why We Run Fraud Checks

Fraud sucks. We sell primarily online, so we’re very wary of fraud. We’ve been targetted several times in the past by fraudsters from the four corners of the globe. While it’s easy to say that country X or country Y is a “hotbed” of fraud, the reality is that fraud is an international problem. People […]

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