will work better with food

Those who know me probably know me as something of a workaholic. I’m passionate about work and I live, breathe and sleep domains and hosting. Unfortunately this doesn’t always lead to healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle and to be honest there have been far too many fast food deliveries to the office over the past few years. Of course not all the deliveries were for me, but it’s easy to slip into bad habits .. and a lot of our team probably do eat quite badly.

Today things changed for the better. We’ve hired a local catering company to start providing us with a “real” lunch. A nice meal daily at least during the working week is something to be very happy about. Servers run on electricity .. My staff now thankfully can run on decent food!

We’ve come a long way from the time when we were operating out of the spare bedroom!

As part of our office expansion we recently converted part of our building into a canteen space. We outgrew the rather small “kitchen” ages ago, so Paul and I decided that we’d make use of some of our “spare” space ..

There’s a few tables and chairs and plenty of room for basic food preparation in our functional, yet rudimentary kitchen (it’s since gained a fridge since I took the photo last week):


Today was the unofficial inauguration:


The main room also ended up with a small bit of corporate branding:


We’re toying with putting in a pool table and a few other bits and pieces, though I’d personally love to get retro video games or maybe a pinball machine.

There’s no rush though 🙂


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