One of our clients was asking me yesterday if we had any “hosted by” or “hosting powered by” type images that they could use on their site.

We do, but for some stupid reason they aren’t on our website at the moment..

I’ll see if I can rectify that, but in the meantime here are a selection of images that people can use to show us some “link love”:


If you want us to link back to you on this page just let us know

If you use any of the images when linking back to us please please please link to (and not our .ie or .eu)

NB: Please download a copy of the image and upload to your own site.
Please do not “hotlink” to the images here, as we may block hotlinking entirely due to some “charmers” who keep using the stock images on their own sites (without paying for them!)

Minor update: Before anyone asks… All images were done by SpoiltChild Design

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