When: Starting Wednesday 9th @ 22:00 and ending Thursday 10th @ 01:00
What: Migration of Dedicated, Colocation and IP transit customers
to new Juniper network layer.
In December we bought a bunch new of Juniper routers to upgrade
our core network with. The ones that were there, were almost 2 years
old and were due an upgrade.
We’ll have the new Juniper router pair pre-configured with all prefixes
and BGP sessions. We’ll slot it into place and clear the arp cache
on all affected layer 2 devices and shut down the old device. There will
be approx 10-30 minutes where routes to certain parts of our network
are unavailable.
This will also remove the need for our old IPv6 configuration. We’ll now
have end to end native IPv6 core running on the Juniper platform. We’re
the first hosting company in Ireland to build a native IPv4, IPv6 network
core on the Juniper platform and we’re very proud of this fact.
Who will be affected:
Customers on our unfirewalled network (who have their own routers or
firewalls) or IP Transit customers.
This affects both customer groups in InterXion and DEG locations. If you
are unsure if this affects you or not, give us a call or drop an e-mail
into support@blacknight.com
On Wednesday 9th starting @ 22:00 hours we’ll be performing maintenance
on the routers that run our un-firewalled and IP Transit networks.

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