Rebooting video tutorialsWe’ve been providing Flash video tutorials and other resources for our clients for years.

Originally we bought several sets of “standard” tutorials from DemoDemo, but when we were re-launching our shared hosting plans a few years ago we had to get Vito from DemoDemo to prepare a bunch of tutorials specifically for us.

Since then DemoDemo has been acquired by DemoWolf and James and I have created some video tutorials from time to time.

We’d been planning on “refreshing” a lot of the tutorials as part of our upgrades and tweaks to our customer service portal, but unfortunately it got put on the back burner.

Last week, as James mentioned, I came back from my holidays and wanted to sort out a few things that had been put “on the long finger” for a little too long..

Tutorials were one of them.

So over the last few days we’ve added new video tutorials covering cPanel, WHM, email, FTP and a few other things to our YouTube channel. (We’re now offering cPanel .. )

We’ll also be adding a lot of these tutorials to our help-desk‘s knowledge-base area.

We’re planning on adding more tutorials to cover Plesk (on VPS / cloud) as well as some commonly used software applications.

I’m conscious that we need to refresh some of the videos for our shared hosting, domain and DNS control panel, and they are on the “to do” list.

You can find all the new tutorials over on our YouTube channel here. Let us know if they’re helpful.

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